Vintage X-Ray and Electrotherapy Museum     

Welcome to a fascinating place (and time) when electricity was just becoming dynamic and the Master of Electricity, Nikola Tesla, was discovering modern day miracles and finding many medical and therapeutic uses for these new high frequency currents....this museum is proud to be a home for any vintage machine that will be preserved for the future generations.....



This museum started as a way to preserve and expand upon ideas of the past. 

At the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health,  I completed my research and clinical medical training in Radiation Biology and Therapeutic Radiation Oncology.  I always had an interest in the rays and waves that are used in treating various cancers and diseases. 
Today's advanced electronics are near impossible to grasp as the circuit boards are replaced in groups and the solid state advances are highly technological. 

However, the old machines are collectibles and worth saving....and preserving for the future.

We are always looking for older vintage machines of electric-therapy or x-ray era types.  Estates or Museums that are looking for a good home for their unwanted items are always welcome!

The reason for our museum or conservatory of X-ray history is to show that some things that seem impossible can be done... and that these ideas can be understandable today.

Dr. Daniel O. Cuscela

Board Certified Physician and Surgeon and Vintage Collector

Former: Active Duty / US Public and Indian Health Service


  " Lieutenant Dan"


            "We are the stars which sing.
      We sing with our light;
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  We fly over the sky.

  Our light is a voice;

                                        We make a road for the spirit to pass over.
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" Days are Numbers ...Watch the Stars.."

Original McIntosh "Hogan" High frequency Apparatus,  circa 1920.
Settings on the  Hogan High frequency apparatus made by McIntosh Electrical Corporation include: Tesla coil, d’Arsonval Solenoid, and Oudin resonator.


Above: In Depth Review of the works of:
"The Secret to Life"
Georges Lakhovsky, Bioelectric Pioneer

"Electric Movement in Air and Water"
Lord Armstrong, London 1897

 Below is an early "Campbell Dental X-Ray Unit":

Saved from scrap yard as the original Hartford Medical Museum
was out of funding....

It arrived
With these words:



                  Above:  Early  McIntosh Diathermy Units circa 1902
The above is a 1923 Bovie Electro-Cautery/Coag Diathermy Unit.
Dr Harvey Cushing, a neurosurgeon in Boston, 1920's, knew that most of the mortality from brain surgery was bleeding.  He heard of Dr Bovie, a physicist doing research on electrical scapels that cauterized the blood vessels and reduced bleeding.  He arranged to do a complex brain case with the help of Bovie and the results were nothing short of amazing!  This team revolutionized the specialty of Neurosurgery.
A prized piece in my museum!

Priceless Photo of a Girl on isolation Platform with a large Static Machine charged! circa 1899.


Below is my 1902 Frank S. Betz Static Machine.  Fully restored and working!

This machine, a 24-plate Toepler Holtz Static Electric Machine,
was originally made in the late 1890s as a self-powered X-Ray and Franklinic Treatment machine. 

 It is in all likelihood the largest (now) fully-functional static machine of this era to exist in the United States!

 This machine is one of the most impressive apparatus in operation I have ever witnessed.  Hats off to Dan for bidding on this item from the Leland Keller collection, and giving it the care and attention it deserves.

 It's original home was with an OlderPhysician 1900's in Missouri.


                              Below:   Before restoration February 2010

Restored after 11 months of hard work, glass cutting, lots of glass- shellacking, WD-40 and patience!

The date it was made is painted on the back near the top  "6 5 02"

Many thanks to Jeff Behary, my good friend and Electrotherapy Museum Genius!



Sparks from Betzy!!

Vintage Wooden Diatheramy and Electrocautery Machines:


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